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The Grip (part II)

PART II When I was a rookie on the PGA Tour, I was playing in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and saw Jeff Sluman practicing bunker shots.  Standing 5'7 and 140 lb, Sluman had 6 PGA Tour victories to his name, plus the 1988 PGA Championship. He didn't make a career like that with his long game, that much was obvious.  I couldn't help but watch him hit those shots from the sand. They were awe inspiring; extremely high with lots of backspin. They made a nipping sound that mine only made when I accidently hit too close to the ball. I approached him and told him that we had a mutual coach in Craig Harmon.  I asked if he...

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The Grip (part 1)

PART I   When I use the word fundamental I hesitate, because I can easily think of a great player that is not doing it.  However, I consider the grip to be the most important and fundamental technique that a golfer can learn.  No single aspect of golf mechanics will add or reduce power, trajectory, curve, or a sense of touch more than the golfer’s grip.   I believe that all elite golfers are vigilant about maintaining their grips, constantly making small adjustments for desired ball flights and short game shots.  As far as grip pressure goes, it should be light.  Hold the club, don’t squeeze it.  A light grip is crucial to learning timing, a powerful release, the loading...

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Zen Master

  I'm not a Zen Master, but I'd be really happy if you called me one.  Let's get straight to the point, there are a lot of golf coaches that are confusing their students, leaving their stamp on them.  Stack and tilt, the "A swing",  pivot and turn, and so on.  No thank you!  These one size fits all types of instruction are pitfalls to be avoided.  It's not golf, it's driving range snake oil.   Here's a distinction for you; golfer vs. swinger.  If you're doing any of these moves on the range, you look way more concerned with how to hit the ball than where to hit it.   Golfers are addicts. Believe me, I know.  Let me guess, you had...

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