Youth Summer Camps

 2018 Summer Camp Dates and Descriptions

* Each week of camp offered will accept 8 students  
* Each Junior Golfer must have their own set of clubs and be registered with Youth on Course
Please note that refunds will only be available within three weeks (21 days) from the start of camp.  

4 Hole Beginner Camps 8:30am to 11:30am $300.00 per Junior

The 4 Hole Beginner Camp is geared towards younger golfers, ages 5-9. This camp is appropriate for juniors that are either new to the sport or who play at a beginner level.  Class will begin with a 1-hour instructional practice session on the driving range and putting green. The goal is to learn golf course etiquette and establish sound fundamentals.  The group will then proceed to the course to play 4 holes of golf in a scramble format, that way each coach can keep the group together and continue instruction. Following golf, campers will have a snack break and be asked to summarize what they learned.  A few more swings on the range and some putts will be it for the day!

June Dates: June 25-29

July Dates: July 16-20

½ Day 9 Hole Playing Camps 1pm to 5:30pm $425.00 per Junior

½ Day 9 Hole Playing Camps are for juniors have the ability and energy to play all nine holes.  After an hour of practice focusing on short game, full swing and putting fundamentals, juniors will play 9 holes of golf. They will play different formats, such as a team scramble, two person best ball, possibly individual (depending on talent level).  After nine holes campers will have a lunch break. Following lunch there will be a rules clinic and quiz, and an additional practice session. This camp is geared towards older students, ages 9-13. However, younger golfers who play 9 holes of golf on a regular basis are welcome to join. 


June Dates: June 25-29

July Dates: July 16-20 / July 23-27

Full Day 18 Hole Playing Camp 9:00am to 5:00pm $725.00 per junior

Are your juniors ready to play golf all day?  This camp is geared for older juniors ages 10-15 that are ready to advance their game to the next level!  Each day will start with proper warm up and short practice session. Juniors will play 9 holes of individual stroke play golf, followed by lunch.  Following lunch, juniors will focus on challenges that they faced during their first round and look to remedy mistakes in their second nine hole round.  Every day new goals for the junior will be created between themselves and coaches to keep them active in their development. At the end of the week the juniors along with their coaches input will put together a game plan moving forward for the fall months.

July/August Dates: August 6-10



Dear Parents,

Thank you for entering your children into summer golf camp at Golden Gate Park GC. I’m looking forward to working with your junior golfers and helping them learn the game amongst new friends. Here are a few reminders and suggestions before we begin.

Please visit the NCGA’s Youth On Course website, explore and learn about the Junior golf scene in Northern California.  Joining is a requirement for the camp. The cost is $18 per year, but green fees are drastically reduced ($5 average) and money will surely be saved over time!

Pull or push carts are suggested, but not required for your junior(s) to make walking the course easier.

Full day golfer’s will receive a $15.00 credit towards food and beverage each day, ½ Day golfers will receive $10.00 towards food and beverage each day, 4 Hole Camp Golfers will receive $5.00 toward food and beverage each day.  Items for your junior(s) to pack: Sunscreen, extra jacket or sweater (water-proof/light-weight jacket in case of heavy fog/mist) tees, golf balls, ball markers (coin) and a divot tool, water bottle and snacks.

Please be aware, all  juniors must have their own set of clubs. After reading about camp descriptions, please feel free to ask any questions about the 2018 Summer Golf Camps. Thank you!
Tom Johnson